Walmart Mobile for the Holidays

Using Mobile to Generate Foot Traffic During a Busy Holiday Season

Using popular mediums to communicate to its core shopper, like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, a retailer can increase loyalty, gain understanding of its shoppers, reduce marketing costs and reinforce its brand. Wal-mart was no stranger to the increased awareness of mobile marketing and chose to tap into this powerful tool for the holiday season to create a word of mouth movement to increase their sales and website traffic.

To announce Walmart's Secret In-store Specials holiday campaign, we designed, launched and maintained an engaging program that allowed Walmart customers to not only access the season's specials from a single site, but most importantly choose how content was delivered-via the site, the online circular, email or mobile alerts. The mobile program was simplified to text alerts that accommodated multiple devices, providers and platforms, fueling record traffic on key days throughout the holiday season.

Promoting the campaign, we developed online banners that drove traffic to the "smart" microsite-serving up category content specific to the banner ad the customer linked from, and providing a seamless, integrated experience. This opt-in text messaging is just the beginning of how some companies are utilizing the power of mobility to create word of mouth marketing with the goal of increased website sales.