Wal-Mart chose to take a fresh look at the digital channel with a redesign of their e-commerce site in 2005. Launching in 2006 the new site incorporated more brick-and-mortar features like localized inventory checking, direct free shipping to a local store and customer reviews.


Re-design the web experience to allow for better integration with in-store efforts, new technologies and advanced customer lead marketing opportunities.

My Role

I lead the team in the re-design efforts; my role was critical to organizing the effort, parsing the feedback from the leadership team, communicating to internal and external partners and delivering on schedule. I continued this role, moving to the Bentonville marketing team where I drove deeper roots into the online world with the traditional marketers. I instituted, crafted and executed the changes needed to implement many of the new online options (like SitetoStore and Ratings) into general market advertising.

Results: “Traffic continues to grow to and direct to stores sales has increased over the three year period by 15%. Over 50% of orders placed online are now delivered directly to store through the SitetoStore program.”


  • 1. Process mapping for the idea of Community. My work method is to map out through relationship lineage all points within a large effort to observe and analyze overlap.

  • 2.Wal-Mart has made several efforts into the Community space. The "big idea", and one that is still being explored, is how to activate this communities voice in a positive, rewarding way.

  • 3.The redesigned website. The site had not been revised in format since its launch in 1996. This current execution covered incorporating better use of imagery, price points and stronger alignment with in-store efforts.