"Selling is Tough" Video

How can you provide a demo environment that reflects a rapid deployment solution similar to those already being built and promoted to customers of SAP? By taking advantage of the modularity, localization and flexibility (and virtualization) that is already built in to SAP.


Produce a three minute video to describe the concept for a new business system for relieveing complexity to the sales force and senior management.

My Role

I helped lead the brainstorming session to create the script for the video; I also co-authored the script with our Project Leader. I directed the creative execution of the illustrations by Hannah Strobel, our in-house Senior Designer.

Results: “The funding to proceed with continued development of the idea was approved, exploration continues on the concept and teams across other disciplines are asking for similar videos to help support selling ideas internally”


  • 1. Various screens showing the hand drawn nature of the video; this was done to keep focus on the idea not the graphics.
  • 2. You can watch an excerpt of the video here.