Customer Snapshot iPad Application

SAP Senior Executives and Board members are briefed for meetings using a series of different documents in various file formats and located in multiple places. Some top issues of this briefing system are: a lack of a coordinated filing system unifying all resources under one format, the potential to miss or overlooking key information and the inability to extend the current briefing format.


Enable a new and exciting delivery mechanism for business briefs, quarterly update documents and customer data deliverable via iPad leveraging SAP-run backend business processes

My Role

I was asked to remove the complexity from the current briefing experience, leveraging SAP technology as an innovative, informative solution for our executives and eventually our customers. I need to convince our senior executive team to use a mobile-enabled SAP-powered application for insight into relevant customer information by creating a convenient pathway resulting in more productive meetings, an overall cost savings to SAP by organizing and centralizing resources and a better experience for the executive and our customers.

Results: “The CEO now carries the Customer Snapshot application on his iPad; additionaly it has been rolled out to several members of the Executive Board for further use testing”


  • 1. Screens showing the "snapshot" concept for interaction of data; tapping on the screen exposed additional information.