Past Projects

  • Sysco Counts iPhone app

    Sysco Counts

    Sysco Market Mobile Ordering and Inventory App combines two powerful tools in one convenient mobile application saving the user time and money. Design Concept Execution

  • Snapshot Interface

    A Customer Snapshot

    Enable a new and exciting delivery mechanism for business briefs, quarterly update documents and customer data deliverable via iPad. Design Concept Execution Read More

  • Mobile Appliance iPhone screens

    Mobile Appliance iPhone App

    Enabling a new and exciting product lifecycle experience for household appliance customers via mobile devices that leverages SAP-run business processes and information. Design Concept Read More

  • Net Procurement Main Screen

    Using Social Media with Procurement

    Combining social media with network procurement may sound like a stretch; this application leverages the social networks of those in the procurement role in a company to improve communications, speed deliveries and find deeper value in costs. Strategy Design 

  • Screens from Sales Video

    Re-Tooling the Sales Process

    How can you provide a demo environment that reflects a rapid deployment solution similar to those already being built and promoted to customers of SAP? By taking advantage of the modularity, localization and flexibility (and virtualization) that is already built in to SAP. Strategy Concept Design Read More